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Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dental Fillings

When you have a crack or fracture in your tooth or have large cavities or need root canal treatment because of decay, you will need a dental filling to “fill” the spaces left or repair the tooth’s structure. A filling can be of different materials, in the past, your parents or grandparents had to have gold or silver fillings. However, with time dentists have realized that there are certain disadvantages with these type of metals as they don’t bond well with your teeth, and they are also not very discreet.

Nowadays, dentists are using composite resin for dental fillings because they are metal-free fillings that can resemble the color of your natural teeth and the material bonds better with your teeth.If you have composite resin fillings, no one will know you have them, even when you smile and your teeth will be stronger because your teeth bond better with the material! If you have suffered a crack or fracture in your tooth, or after a root canal surgery, your tooth will need a dental filling to repair it and protect it.

A filling works by repairing and restoring the surface of a tooth that has been damaged by decay, fracture, or wear. A dental filling strengthens the tooth. If tooth decay is not repaired at its early stages, it will worsen and additional or alternative dental treatments may be necessary. With proper care and routine oral hygiene, a filling has a lifespan of 5-12 years, depending upon the type of filling material used.

Warning Signs
Tooth sensitivity is the most common early warning sign of enamel loss due to tooth decay. While there could be a number of reasons for this sensation, only your Dentist can diagnose its underlying cause. If a damaged tooth surface is not treated early, your discomfort will increase.

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