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Worn, gapped, or crooked teeth? Veneers are one of the fastest and most durable ways to transform a smile.

    What are Veneers

    How can Smile Makeover improve your appearance?

    Think of veneers as a thin, durable mask that can be applied to your natural teeth. Once applied to your teeth, the veneers instantly change the appearance of your teeth. Depending on how they are made, veneers can whiten your teeth, change the shape of your teeth, close large gaps, fix chips or cracks, and cover up the appearance of crooked teeth.

    Veneers are made of a very thin shell that can be porcelain or composite.

    Each veneer used is customized by Dr. Reema for your mouth. We will customize everything from the length and width of the veneer to the overall shape, thickness, and color. We are using composite veneers for our smile makeovers.

    Top Orlando Cosmetic Dentist,
    Dr. Reema Bassoumi, DDS
    Rejuvenation and Aesthetic Dentistry

    Meet Dr. Reema Bassoumi

    Dr. Reema Bassoumi received her bachelors in Biomedical sciences from university of south Florida, graduating with summa cum laude + honors in 3 years. Dr. Bassoumi then received her doctorate from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine-School of Dental Medicine.

    Dr. Bassoumi maintains professional memberships with the American Dental Association and The Florida Dental Association. Dr. Bassoumi provides expert cosmetic and comprehensive dental care for the whole family. She has an eye for dental and facial balancing cosmetics. Her mission is to provide the best dental care and make a long-term, positive impact in each patient’s life. She has successfully mastered the art of dentistry- providing natural, aesthetic outcomes for her patients desires.

    Dr. Bassoumi’s passion for dentistry and her attention to detail allows her to provide quality, state-of-the-art, modern day dentistry. Every patient case is carefully treatment planned and customized to their specific needs and comfort. Dr. Bassoumi loves spending time with family and her husband- Dr. Peerzada- who is also a dentist.

    Am I a good candidate?

    Veneers are a great cosmetic dental treatment option for many people. If you are considering getting veneers, the following are several signs that indicate you may be a good candidate for this type of treatment:

    Desire to fix severely discolored or stained teeth

    Desire to correct stains from extensive tooth decay or old fillings

    Need to correct minor imperfections on your teeth – veneers can easily fix cracks, misshaped teeth, and chips

    Desire to correct several cosmetic issues with your teeth at once

    Straight or moderately straight teeth – veneers can correct slightly crooked or misaligned teeth.

    What sets us apart from any other practice?

    We specialize in comprehensive and cosmetic dental care in the Orlando – Dr. Phillips area, taking pride in offering the finest in patient care and services to each patient.

    We are determined to give you the smile you’ve always wanted! In fact, some of the most beautiful smiles in the fashion and entertainment industry come through our doors.

    Our patients include prominent public figures, actors, models, celebrities, and executives from all over the world.

    Thank you for a very professional and caring service. This was our first Dentist appointment in the US and we feel confident to have our treatments now on with your business.
    Claudia L.
    Once again Theresa did a fabulous job. She really knows her stuff. She is very personable with the patients.
    Angie T.
    My hygienist Teresa is so professional and takes excellent care of my teeth. She explains everything thoroughly to me. I am very satisfied with the service I receive.
    Jennifer G.
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