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nice and clean

It was a good visit and quick. I was in and out in about an hour.

Thank you Dr. Rayan!


Posted by Stephen63 on 08/02/2010

I finally got insurance from my work and I went to look for a dentist. There are 14 just in Dr Phillips! Most dentists had no review or maybe just one. I tried Dr Karl since this is where my girlfriend got her braces. He was great and I was in and out quickly. Thank you Dr Karl. I will get Trina in for her cleaning soon!


I love this dentist! We were so anxious to go to the dentist and finally we had to go. My church recommended this office after Dr Rayan and his assistant did recent mission work. The staff was great. The dentist was gentle. Our family feels so happy and my daughter is thrilled with her new smile. The surgery was a success. She now smiles showing her teeth! Thank Dr Rayan!

Joyce Glennon

What a great dental office. The staff & dentist were very friendly. The office was nice with a very relaxed atmosphere–which helps when you are in a dental office. Teresa did my teeth cleaning–did a great job and took her time doing so.

What a great experience!

What a great experience!! I had the best dental visit. I have never been to such a friendly office. I was very apprehensive in the beginning. I had x-rays, which didn’t even hurt! The staff was so warm. The doctor spent quality time with me and didn’t recommend treatment unless absolutely necessary. The hygienist was very thorough, she spent over an hour with me, and even showed me how to brush and floss correctly. (was easy on the eyes too!). I am recommending Dr. Rayan’s office to everyone I know.

Great Work!!

Posted by monica025 on 07/23/2010

I have been avoiding the dentist for 7 years now and i am very afraid and anxious. But when i came to Dr Rayan and his great staff, he completely dedicated his time and effort to making me feel secure and not afraid. The staff and service was so good that I have been going back to this office to change my smile and crowns. Thank you Dr Rayan and staff for a great service! I recommend this Dr to anyone!!

Great Job!

I want to say that my sister and I came into the practice and I have never had such an amazing level service from the Hygienist and office workers. My sister added a comment and I wanted to say way to go!!. I recommend this office to anyone in need of a dentist.

Amazing Job!

Posted by blessedgirl777 on 07/06/2009

Had a great visit at Dr. Karl’s Smile’s By Design. He’s the best. Encourage everyone to visit the 5 star dentist. You will love the gentle yet steady hand. NO Pain !!! – C.N

The Best Dentist In Orlando!!!!

Posted by orlandogirl1234� on 06/23/2009

I scheduled my appointment and the office is amazing. I have been avoiding the Dentist for almost 10 years, but when I arrived they welcomed and received me like a member of their family. I am a strong believer of commenting if services rendered are positive.

Dr. Rayan changed my life. My confidence was low and never smiled because of my discolored and chipped front teeth. Now I can smile. I am dating again and met the man of my dreams because of my new smile! Thank You Dr. Rayan

Service A+

Doctor A++

Price A ++

My beautiful Veneers A+++++++